Wine tasting

The wine tasting experience is our highlight at Enoteca Properzio: a trip through intense, fruity aromas and some of the best sparkling Italian and foreign wines, a memorable experience of senses.
Our service of wine tasting represents a real lunch/dinner lead by our experts where each glass of wine is paired with gourmet foods cooked by our amazing chefs.While the wine tasting takes place (lasting 3-4 hours) you will have the possibility to ask our sommeliers for all your questions , info and anectodes about each wine and food paring.
The service of wine tasting can be customized in every aspect on request: following your needs we can change the ways to do it and the number of guests. To recreate a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere we rather prefer small groups of guests, even though we arrange also tastings in big private rooms.
On request people can also ask for the service of wine tasting at their homes by Enoteca Properzio: it does not matter the continent where you live,we love to to fly to you for arranging special events and try together more wines that we wisely deal with ,all well paired with special foods cooked by us personally.

Wine tours

Enoteca Properzio plans also special visits for its customers in some of the best Italian wineries : prestigious and exclusive locations where the wine plays the central role.
We arrange customized tours in amazing places where you will discover all the secrets of wine and its production in specific wineries where usually people can not easily enter.
Are you dreaming of a real wine tour and vacation?Contact us and we will make your wish come true.


If you do not have the possibility to ge to Spello and buy directly here our products, you can do it now online where you will find the whole choice of our wines and our food products.
After making any purchase you can leave a feedback about it. We ship all over Italy and abroad with a quick and safe service and we accept orders also by the phone.
If you want to make a gift to someone special or simply a wine lover but you are not sure of which products pick for her/him, you have the possibility to send a gift card that the addressee will use as preferred to choose her/his favorite wine.
Would you like to learn more about our labels?Take a look at our online store

Home holidays

Would you like to find out more of the town of Spello?Choose among our apartments for a unique experience .
We welcome you to the amazing Palazzo dei Canonici Resort that rises right inside the heart of Spello, medieval town on the green hills of Umbria. The multi-building hotel concept develops itself in 6 apartments through the narrow streets of the town where you can easily lose yourself..
Well furnished in every detail, comfort and design these apartments are the ideal place for your stay in Umbria.
You can choose among the apartments of the main building Palazzina, refined and luxury flats that overlook the yard of the church of Santa Maria Maggiore and particularly suitable for groups or families; stay at the Picturicchio apartment, right on Enoteca Properzio or simply pick the exclusive flat named Perugino, built on the rest of an original and old Roman stable just renovated.Or even more stay in one of the two romantica apartments located in Via Torri di Properzio..
Palazzo dei Canonici Resort is your point of start strategically located near several points of interest in this area such as Perugia, Assisi, Spoleto and Orvieto.
An unforgettable will stay in the history.

Gift boxes

Available on our e-store you can find a wide choice of gift wrappings for every occasion: Christmas, business gifts and more.
Each gift wrapping is done with our products: wines, foods of high quality and signed by some of the most pretigious brands in Italy.
Prepared with elegance and perfection, gift wrappings by Enoteca Properzio represent a safe choice of success to satisfy also the tastes of the most difficult addressee.
Do you want to learn more about the new gift wrappings?
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